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The Yellow Medicine Soil & Water Conservation District was duly organized as a governmental subdivision of this State, and a public body corporate and politic on the 17th day of April, 1950.  The SWCD works with landowners in both rural and urban settings to carry out a program for the conservation, use and development of soil, water and related resources.  The SWCD is governed by locally elected officials and staffed by professionals dedicated to serving you – the public.

SWCD Staff

Anita Borg
Office Administrator
Brayden Anderson
Senior Technician
Conservation Technician

Conservation Partners

The  SWCD, along with our partners from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), work to provide voluntary, incentive-based conservation opportunities for Yellow Medicine County landowners to help keep our working lands productive, while improving our soil and water quality.  The co-location of our office with USDA means that our office can help coordinate cost-sharing for landowners from local, state and federal programs. 

Kelly Heather
NRCS  District Conservationist, Team Lead
Jeff Berens
NRCS District Conservationist
Randy Kraus
ACES Technician
 Soil Conservationist Technician
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