Landowners: your opportunity to sign up acres in the Walk in Access program in 2021 March 15-May 14, 2021 

WIA (Walk In Access)


     Enrollment Period:

The 2021 enrollment period is COMING SOON! 

March 15-May 14, 2021


2021 rates have been simplified (no special rates for special conditions)

AND increased to a flat rate of $18 per acre. 

      Eligible Lands

  • Enrollment is limited to 47 counties.

  • Hunting is allowed during legal seasons between September 1 and May 31.

  • Landowners are afforded liability protection through the Recreational Use Statutes. Specifically under Sections 604A.20 through 604A.27 under Public Benefit or Function Activities in the CIVIL LIABILITY LIMITATIONS Chapter

  • Must be at least 40 acres in size or it must be contiguous with another WIA parcel that is 40 acres or more in size.

  • Priority is given to lands enrolled in a conservation program such as the federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) or the state Reinvest in Minnesota Reserve program (RIM), or other state and federal conservation programs.

  • Lands not enrolled in a conservation program may be eligible if high quality natural cover exists and is maintained by the landowner.

  • Lands within 500 feet of a home or corral occupied by livestock cannot be enrolled, unless they are occupied by the cooperator or his/her livestock.

  • The enrolled parcel must be accessible from a public road.

  • The habitat must be maintained through the enrollment period.

  • Landowners, or the State, may terminate the contract at any time (effective 30 days after written notice of termination is received).


Contact Kurt Johnson at the Yellow Medicine SWCD for more information on enrolling land in the WIA program.



You must purchase a WIA Validation to legally hunt WIA Sites.

for more information: 

  • on purchasing the validation 

  • to download the hunting atlas 

  • to find a walk in access using the DNR's interactive map

  • and more hunting info

go to Walk-In Access (WIA) Program | Minnesota DNR (

Check out the news tab for the March 2021 article regarding walk in access!