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The AgBMP Loan Program is a water quality program that provides low interest loans to farmers, rural landowners and agriculture supply businesses to implement practices that improve water quality. 

If a project manages or reduces the inflow of agricultural waste into surface and groundwater systems, it could qualify for the AgBMP Loan Program. 



If you are planning a structural project that will help reduce soil erosion, which adversely effects water quality, it could qualify for the AgBMP Loan Program. Looking to purchase tillage equipment to help manage erosion?   It could qualify for the AgBMP Loan Program. 

AND, if you need to install or upgrade a septic system, it could qualify for the AgBMP Program. 

County residents also have the option of choosing Yellow Medicine County as their local lender when borrowing AgBMP funds for septic projects or qualifying well projects.  In this case, the payments can be assessed to the resident’s tax statement.

The AgBMP Loan Program is part of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Finance and Budget Division and runs through the SWCD. 


For more information on 3% interest loans,  examples of eligible activities, and more, go to or contact Anita Borg at the Yellow Medicine SWCD.


NOTE: Application approval must be obtained prior to purchase or construction of your project.

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