Yellow Medicine SWCD Tree Program

Since 1961, the SWCD has planned, planted, sold and established trees for windbreak rows in fields to mitigate soil erosion from wind. Today, the SWCD still sells, plans, advises, and provides for the sale and installation of products to ensure a successful planting. Much like shingles on your roof or siding on your house, a farmstead shelter belt or grove is necessary to keep energy costs low and control snow in your yard when you live in a rural setting. While field windbreaks still have their place in high erosion settings, groves and the renovation of them are the bread and butter of our Tree Program. To learn more about renovating your grove or establishing field windbreaks, Contact Brayden Anderson at the Yellow Medicine SWCD today!


We offer a variety of bareroot trees along with potted conifers at reasonable prices.  Trees can be purchased and planted by the purchaser, or the tree planting service can be utilized for larger plantings, if you wish (see below).  The 2021 tree order form at right provides a complete list of trees available and ordering information.


The SWCD provides a tree planting service, using our tractor drawn tree planter.   The landowner must provide a tractor and driver. The landowner is also responsible for planting potted trees, unless other arrangements are made.  Fees and conditions will apply.  All trees in the project area, either potted or bareroot, must be planted the same day.  The 2021 tree order form provides a complete list of trees available and ordering information.


now being accepted!

Click below for the 2021 order form.


The SWCD provides a tree matting service, using the SWCD's tree mat machine.  Fabric is a continous mat, usually 6' wide.  The project is charged out at a rate per foot, along with an installation fee.  Individual fabric squares are also available for purchase.

Benefits of installing tree mats include:

  • Better weed control -  weeds and grasses cannot penetrate the mat’s spun bonded polypropylene fabric, but allows air and water to pass through readily.

  • Plantings have accelerated growth because of moisture retention and the additional warmth and protection the fabric provides.

  • Environmental friendly - breaks down naturally, no need to remove.




4' Tree Tubes...$4.00 each

4' Oak Stakes...$0.80 each

4' Combi Tubes...$4.00 each

Tree Tube Installation...$1.00 each 

                    (prices are subject to change)


Please carefully read, then sign the memo of understanding on the order form.  Orders, along with your payment, can be sent to our office at                       PO Box 545, Clarkfield MN  56223.

Have a tree project or planting in mind?

Here's what you need to know:


  • Customers must place their tree orders for the 2021 planting year no later than February 25, 2021  in order to guarantee quantities from our suppliers.

  • IF  there are leftover trees after scheduled plantings and tree order pickups are complete, remaining trees are made available to the general public for purchase.


Contact Brayden Anderson for more information at (320) 669-4442 ext 3.
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